Company Profile

With more than 40 years of expert in the field of health care(Sri Maharishi Pharma-Parent company), IRIN CARE was started with the vison of "Quality Life" to all. Towards its vision IRIN CARE brings 100% Natural and Supreme Quality products to its customers. IRIN name is derived from Sanskrit language meaning “Ultimate”. As the name represents the company works towards providing ultimate care to its customers, vendors, associates and employees.

Spending long time on research the company has found that most of the health issue today we faced are due to the quality of the food and medicine we intake, quality of the product we use and the life style we lead. Our founders of the company, believes that the quality of life can be attained by offering quality products and quality life style.

We don't stop there. As a corporate responsibility we offer free yoga and meditation courses for all at our Maharishi Siddha clinic located at more than 40 cities in Tamilnadu.

We are also Closely associated with the invention of "Soilless farming in India" under the brand IRIN GREEN INDIA which will take care of future food demand of India. With able management team we have set our mission to help one hundred million customer to lead "Quality Life" by 2020.