12.10.2017 at 17:17:00 hrs

The Dangers of Laundry Detergent
Have you actually thought about the chemicals contained in most laundry detergents? Most of this stuff doesn’t wash out in the rinse and can be absorbed into your body through your skin.  Detergents, for example, contain chemicals that can contribute to skin irritation. Not only that, many commercial detergents may mimic hormones and disrupt endocrine function, a problem that influences reproduction, mood, and metabolism.

Surfactants Cause Skin Irritation
If you take a close look at the warning label on your favorite laundry detergent, you’ll notice that it urges you to avoid direct skin contact. Detergents work by removing oils from clothes, and that includes the natural oils produced by your own skin which are necessary for protection against microbes.
Rashes are common when the skin comes in direct contact with detergents, and some sensitive individuals may break out after wearing clothes that have been washed with conventional surfactant-containing detergents.  Respiratory problems may also result from regular exposure to these chemicals. 

Many are Endocrine Disruptors
In today’s it’s no wonder that we’re witnessing a surge of hormone-related issues plaguing both women and men. Researchers have found that detergents can disrupt endocrine function and interfere with hormone balance. Many chemicals in common household cleaning products act as xenoestrogens, or synthetic estrogens, which increase the amount of estrogen-like activity in the human body. This can negatively affect fertility in males and increase breast cancer risk in females. Hormone imbalance also contributes to an extensive range of problems including heart disease, depression, and mental impairment. 

They’re Bad for the Environment
After the final rinse, that stuff goes down the drain… into the environment. The effect of laundry detergent on the environment is undeniable, and it’s only within the last few years that we are seeing the toll it’s taking on animal and plant life. Most detergents run into the water supply and have been shown to interfere with aquatic life. This stuff is not natural and many plants and animals cannot process the chemicals contained in these products.

Then What is the Solution?
Irin Care has recently launched Bio drops – Organic Detergent liquid.
Bio drops detergent leaves no residue on your clothing or in your washing machine and it won’t damage your water quality and helps smooth functioning of your washing machine. Is perfect for people with sensitive skin and allergies.  Bio drops Organic detergent liquid  is highly concentrated liquid. Just 15ml  - 20ml Is enough for per load in washing machine. I.e. an Average family required only 200 ml to 250 ml for entire month. Your monthly budget comes to just 130 rupees to 165 rupees.

Biodrops is tough on stains; gentle on cloths.Harmful to germs not to hands.
Smells naturally not artificially.Don’t pollute water and environment.

  • Phosphate and petrochemical free.
  • Effectively removes stains and dirt's.
  •  Eliminates odour and provides freshness.
  • Improves life of garments.
  • Enhances depth of shades and maintains shine.
  • Extra softeners are not required. Safe to use and 100% Eco-friendly.
  • Washed water can be used for plants and gardening. Designed for standard, HE machines and Hand wash.
  •  Safe for People, Pets & our Planet.

To live a green and healthy life, there are many changes we can all make in various areas of our life. One simple change you can make is the choice of laundry detergent you use to wash your clothes. So why wait? Change today to Bio one organic liquid detergent